On June 24th 2010 I found myself waking up at 1AM in the morning to stand inline for a brand new iPhone 4.  Little did I know that all of Charlotte would also be doing the same.  I arrived at South Park Mall at about 2AM to find the police standing outside not letting people stand outside the mall for loitering reasons.   I was pissed off.  I then went on the back side of the mall where no cops were and parked my car.  Come 4AM I decided to see the progress.  As I drove under the mall to the underground parking lot, I found cars frantically circling the entrance to the mall.  The cops were still standing grad.  I went back out of the parking lot and up the ramp to the spot where everyone was waiting above ground where the police could not see us.  At some point in the morning we started inching closer to the mall entrance.  The police were still telling us to get back and come back at 5AM ( At this point that was nearly 10 minuets away).  Out of nowhere people started to run at the mall entrance.  I was a little frightening as I though a riot was about to break out.   The police accepted their defeat and let us stand in line until the Apple employees came out to greet all of us and told us that every single one of us was going to get an iPhone.  My greatest fear of the night was over. I was guaranteed an iPhone.   Sure enough, come 6PM that long day, I got my iPhone 4.