On September 7th I was writhing a four page paper for my English class. About half way through the paper my two year old HP laptop gave me an error message saying “Windows has encountered an error and will begin to shut down in one minute.” I found myself frantically looking for a flash drive to save my work. I was lucky enough to have saved the paper before the computer went black. I tried to turn the computer back on to see what would happen. The screen went black again. I decided that it was just time for a Mac. I got on my friend’s computer and went to Apple.com to start my search for the right MacBook. I found it in no time. A 15.4” high resolution sleek MacBook Pro. It said “Only $1,999” out next to it. All I could think was “only?”. I decided to bite the bullet and buy it. I did not know what to tell my mom. She pays for my college and if I told her that I dropped two grand on a laptop, she might get a little upset. The next day she came up from Greenville South Carolina to visit me. I had to tell her. It was better to tell her now than for her to see me on it one day. As we sat down for SubWay it came out. “Mom, I bought a MacBook… Pro.” To my surprise she was not mad at all. I had to find out why. After a bit of prying information out of her she simply says, “I was going to get you that for Christmas.” My heart dropped. I just spent $2,000 on a laptop that I could have waited two months and got it for free. She told me I can keep it but she is not pay for it. I will have to wait till Christmas day for it if she buys it. I quickly get on my iPhone and go to Apple.com to view my order status. In big black letters it says “Not Yet Shipped.” I quickly hit the cancel order button and $2,000 went back into my Bank of America account just like that. I was so relieved. I love being spoiled.