Say her name and be prepared, for saying her name may bring out an inner me not known to most.  For say the name to others may do the same.  Say the name and let the inspiration spread.  We do not hold back.  We are united as one, and one as all.  To question is to judge,  to judge is wrong.  For we are the mons†er nation and their might be more of us than you.  To mention weird is to humiliate.  For humiliation there is her.  For she is the one to humiliate, not I.  That is her defined purpose.  To put a mirror in front of hateful comments.  To take the blame off us and onto one who is strong enough.  For we are all born this way.  Say the name is to stir controversy, for what, we do not know.  Be yourself.   We all have have a little mons†er in us, its up to you to find it.  To say the name to google and google might tell you hermaphrodite.  To say your name to google and google might say insecure.  To say the name three years ago and no one would know.  Say the name now and no one knows what to expect.  To say the name to me or a friend of another and you might not want what you get.  For she is Lady GaGa and we are a free bitch.